House Lab

Each person in residence at Farstep Chantry is assigned their own lab space underground. Each lab space has a steel re-enforced garage door set in 2 foot thick concrete walls. An interface screen is attached next to it on the right, which acts as a lock, doorbell, and external monitoring point.

Inside, the ceiling is cris-crossed with metal I-beams. Adjustable LED fixtures hang from the metal I-beams, or can be removed if other lighting is preferred. On either side of the door are four metal closets embedded in the wall. Inside of one of the closets is a reconfigurable fuse box that allows connection either to the external grid or isolating the electric grid inside the lab, under which is a generator hookup point. In another closet is a lift that can be attached to the metal beams for raising or lofting an object. A third closet has a water faucet connection and a 50’ length of hose. In the walls are threaded bolt holes in a line from floor to ceiling every three feet. On the right wall is another interface screen.

In the floor is a closable floor drain and in the ceiling is a closable external vent. The floor space is divided into 1 foot squares that can raise up to 6 feet vertically and each can support up to 500 lbs individually. All can be controlled via the interface screen.

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House Lab

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