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“Everything should be made as simple as possible”
-Albert Einstein

Farstep is a Son of Ether exploratory chantry investigating the best ways to mainstream advanced science and open the doors of reality for the masses.

Address: 2332 N Cliffview Way, Boise, ID, 83702

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The house and grounds are covered in a holographic field. This is controlled by KALEB. The hologram is a projected image of the actual grounds as they are at current. KALEB removes specified items (robots, security measures, etc) from the image prior to projecting it.

The inside of the house has the private rooms co-located, allowing for multiple instances . You walk up to the room door, put your hand against the scanner, and the link is made to the correct room. Initialization of the link to the room requires a DNA sample, retinal scan, bio-rhythm measurement, and handprint. Afterwards, a House AI is assigned by KALEB to that individual. This AI becomes that person’s personal assistant. They interface with the house and labs maintaining environmental controls, video and audio recordings for experiments, monitoring of both spaces, scheduling, notes, etc.

The underground space spans under most of the street. There are two main methods to access the underground space. The first is a tunnel that connects to a large white storage building to the North which contains a turn-about that corkscrews down a level, exposing the tunnel as it orients the vehicle. The tunnel is 2-lanes wide and about 2 stories tall, and connects to the main underground space. The second method is through one of the elevators in the house itself. There are three car-sized elevators, one for each spot in the garage, and a freight elevator inside the house accessible off the kitchen.

The underground space has 40 parking spaces large enough for a truck and boat combo along the western wall. Along the southern and eastern edges are the labs. The Northern wall is the tunnel entrance and the storage rooms. The middle space can be sub-divided as necessary using chain fencing or other such similar. The road that leads in through the tunnel runs a loop around the inside of the underground space allowing access to all of the labs.

There are three Administrators that oversee the chantry, though often one or more is out of town. The current Administrators are:

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