Chance's House

Quick notes about Chase’s House (from game recording)

unpaved non-gravel driveway until a large asphalt circle in front of the house
two story
fake columns on front
back in the forest
no lawn per say
two car garage off on the side
similar to our old house w/o the neighbors and all above ground

flagstone inside of the house smoothed over and leveled
Stairwell to second floor on the left.
Wide hallway runs from front to the back of the house
Walking down the hallway, from front to back
– formal living room
– Trophy room
– Weapons
– Rhino head
– Lion head
– 6’ tall preying mantis head
– Elephant tusks
– On right wall: One wing pteradacyl or bat or something taking up whole wall
– Opens up into the living room / kitchen area
Back wall all windows, no door, but deck outside, looks out over beautiful vista
– To reach the deck, you walk through the window. Feels like paraphin wax.
To the left: Living Room
– large fireplace (~ 7’ tall opening)
– 4 couches in a large U
– coffee table in center size of our table, about 1.5’ off the ground
To the right: Kitchen
– Black granite countertops

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