Wu Xian Zhang

Modern Akashic Monk



Name: Wu Xian Zhang
Nature: Judge
Essence: Primordial
Demeanor: Perfectionist
Faction: Wu Lung (Akashic Brotherhood)
Concept: Ghost Hunter


  • Physical:
    • Strength: 2
    • Dexterity: 4 (Quick Reflexes)
    • Stamina: 4 (Tireless)
  • Social:
    • Charisma: 3 (Inspires Safety)
    • Manipulation: 2
    • Appearance: 1
  • Mental
    • Perception: 3 (Intuitive)
    • Intelligence: 2
    • Wits: 3 (Combat Reflexes)


  • Talents:
    • Alertness: 1
    • Athletics: 2
    • Dodge: 2
  • Skills:
    • Craft: 1 (Charms)
    • Do: 3 (External)
    • Meditation: 3 (Zen)
    • Melee: 2
  • Knowledge
    • Academics: 2 (Theology)
    • Cosmology: 3 (Realms)
    • Enigmas: **
    • Investigation: 2
    • Lignuistics: 1 (Cantonese)
    • Medicine: 1
    • Occult: 3 (Ghosts)


  • Mind: 3 (Incense and Meditation)
  • Prime: 1 (Mandalas)
  • Spirit: 2 (Fu—paper charms)
  • Accepted Foci: Calligraphy, Do, Figurines and Idols, Mantra and Prayer


  • Backgrounds:
    • Mentor: 3 (Wu Feng)
    • Avatar: 3
    • Destiny: 4
    • Dreams: 1
  • Arete: 3
  • WillPower: 5
  • Resonance:
    • Dynamic: 0 (Liberate)
    • Entropic: 1 (Exuviate)
    • Static: 0 (Solidarity)
  • Merits and Flaws
    • Past Life: 1
    • Shattered Avatar: 5
    • Enemies: -2
    • Dark Fate: -5

XP History:
3+2(-4 Academics 2)=1



Wu Xian Zheng was born on December 22, 1974 during the eleventh lunar month and winter solstice when the moon was in the mansion of the Woman in the Celestial Northern Palace. The Taosist monks knew that this was an auspicious birth because this winter was the final series of long winters that pushed the summer solstice up 1 day to June 22, 1975 instead of the normal June 21st date and marking the end of the era of winter. On his ninth birthday, he visited the Tao Shrine for his yearly fortune. It was at this time when Master Wu Feng saw who Wu Xian really was and conducted a spiritual test. Spreading a sheet with 108 objects he told the boy to choose a single item that he was drawn to. After thought, the boy pointed to an ornate, golden mirror and said that he is pulled toward the statue reflected in it. The statue was Wu Xuan, the Taoist deity. Feng smiled and told the boy’s parents that their son had a great destiny ahead of him and became his mentor.


He is age 36, male with black hair and brown eyes at 5’ 6” and 140 lbs. Resembling the Chinese, mythical tiger-dragon, with his nose pushed into his flat face and his Fu Manchu reaching below his chin, which is framed b his outward-combed mutton chops and long, pointy beard. His hair, above his ears and to the side of his bushy eyebrows is flared up and out and he wears a braided knot from the hair gathered from the center of his head. His eyes are piercing and full of mystery, but there is gentleness behind them. His voice is booming like a tigers roar belying his compact, sinewy frame. His dark-gray and navy pinstriped, wool gi and hakama are practical and comfortable—when it rains or is cold, he wears a white and blue uwagi jacket with a large chinese character for tortoise in a circle on the back and a smaller encircled ‘Snake’ character on the front to protect him from the chills. His common wear is blue-jeans and a white T-shirt. Often times, he is seen meditating with incense and prayer beads. He always has paper with calligraphy written on them and enjoys televised fights and seeing the sights. Toddlers stare at him with either familiarity or curiousness, animals are typically non-aggressive to him, and onlookers who are not used to seeing a monk either stare, look the other way, and then talk to their friends about the anomaly they’ve just seen in the modern world. He drinks coffee, tea, soda, smoothies, and occasional beer. He is a pescetarian. He isn’t a mountain monk, but a city monk—well, that is one way to put it.

Wu Xian Zhang

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