Red Shift

Missing Heroes - Volume Two

“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.”
-Albert Einstein

Game Date: February 6, 2011

An interesting breakfast of Eggo waffles, thrown tools, and electrocution, the players discussed a few more things with Chance.

  • The workings and makeup of Farstep(who works there and some ideas of what to expect).
  • Steven Baxter’s financial situation (unknown).

After breakfast, the group packed up in the van. Wu Xian has the phone from Chance, and Rajit memorized the addresses of the Chantry and Steven’s hospice.

After an uneventful ten hour drive, they all arrived in Boise.

The players head first to Farstep to check out their temporary home. They meet Tobias and were introduced to KALEB, the house AI. Tobias gave the players a tour of Farstep Chantry, and explained that another section of the chantry was located on Mars, though they would have to wait three days before the next portal would be opening to Mars.

Come dinner, the players were informed that they would be getting House A.I.s created to be their interfaces to the house, although Alina opted for Phillip be her interface. They also gave Tobias a rundown of what they were doing in Boise. There are not many other groups in Boise, though there may be a Hollow One chantry in the area. Jonathan was a guy who disappeared a year ago from his lab downstairs, but they are unsure as to what happened to him. Donald Jackson (a local orphen who they were talking to about possibly joining the SOEs) died when his lab exploded six months ago. There was no indication anyone but he died in the explosion, and the local news chalked it up to a gas main leak. The characters were given a special garage door opener for the downstairs external access road.

  • Bad parts of town include downtown and just west of downtown.
  • Missing Persons and Murders are below the national average.
  • Drugs are fine as long as the police do not get involved.
  • Firearms are allowed in the house, and if necessary, they can be procured for you.

After dinner, the character’s body signatures were added to the house security database, they chose their rooms, were assigned a lab space, and their House A.I.s were set up.

The characters then retired for the night, with plans to meet up the following day at 10:00 AM.

  • Christina went out into the night and procured the pieces needed to begin growing her own supply.
  • Alina hung out in her lab.
  • Rajit played his Xbox.
  • Wu Xian sanctified his room.

Game Date: February 7, 2011
The characters were awakened at the requested times by their alarms, and were introduced to their House A.I.s. When they came downstairs, they found the boxes with their stuff had been delivered. Christina drove out to the store and picked up some materials for her botany “hobby”.

While eating breakfast, the characters were introduced to Lydia, though she had to run off to a meeting. They discussed what information they wanted to gather from the retirement home, and determined that the best way to gather this information was for Christina to present herself as a long-lost relative of Steven Baxter. Meanwhile, Rajit and Alina would poke around online and Wu Xian would take a look around the neighborhood. The characters exchanged phone numbers and decided Wu Xian needed a Trak phone. Alina also created a fake ID for Christina, changing her address in the fake. They then headed out to rent a car.

Player Characters


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