Red Shift

Missing Heroes - Volume Three

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
— Albert Einstein

Game Date: February 7, 2011

The characters arrive at Enterprise, where Rajit rented a Hummer. Wu Xian called Chance and found out from Thabiti that Steven was White and was born in Boise. The players then dropped Christina off at Chateau de Boise.

Christina put up a good act, and convinced the lady at the front desk that she was Steven‘s granddaughter from France, her mother being the previously unknown lovechild of Steven during WWII. Christina left her disposable cell number. Christina set up to talk to two of Steven’s riends the next day. She was also informed that she needed a copy of her mother’s birth certificate as proof of kinship before she would be able to gain access to Steven’s stuff. Christina then headed over to Starbucks to meet up with Rajit and Alina.

While Christina was putting on her act at Chateau de Boise, Wu Xian went down the street, just checking it out for suspicious activity. He stumbled acroos a gangbanger wanna-be leaning against a dry cleaner and taking pictures of the Starbucks across the way. Wu Xian took up residence near the bus stop and checked out other people on the street. Wu Xian saw a second gang banger stroll up to a red Acura (Idaho plates, license plate H76-44B, tabs present but unable to tell if current) and start to work his way in. Wu Xian calmly walked towards the car, but didn’t arrive before the kid in the car pulled out, picked up the first gangbanger, and drove off. Wu Xian went inside Starbucks, borrowed a piece of paper from the lady behind the counter, and wrote up the following info:

  • Description of the gangbangers
  • Description of the red Acura
  • License plate number
  • Date and time

Wu Xian then gave it back to the lady behind the counter, asking her to give it to anyone who came in asking about the red Acura. Grabbing a cup of coffee, he then joined Rajit and Alina.

During this time, Rajit and Alina went to a Starbucks nearby to do some internet research.

Rajit did some background research, and didn’t find much of anything unusual for either Steven or Chateau de Boise in the last three months. He then looked up the obituary, which was pretty stock. He died of heart complications, was cremated and his ashes were scattered on the Boise river. No estate sale looks to have been done. The obituary was submitted by ‘friends of Steven’, which is the general form if no one steps forward to write it.

Alina checked around for wireless security and verifying there was nothing hinky in the wireless, she went online to try to check City Hall for online death certificates. Alina registered under a false name, and downloaded his death certificate. Looking at it, she was unable to determine if there was anything unusual about the death certificate. After storing the death certificate, Alina wrote a program to gather the death certificates of all the people in Boise for the last year, hitting up the obituaries of three local newspapers.

Wu Xian and Christina met up with Rajit and Alina at this point. Wu Xian, Christina, and Rajit related their experiences to one another, while Alina wrote another program to compare the death certificates to one another and order them by most matches to least matches. Alina’s program returned the following:

  • 6 very similar matches
    • Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest
    • Coronor: Dr. Raymond Mollar
    • Date: 01-16-2011
  • 20 close matches
    • Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest
    • Coronor: Dr. Raymond Mollar
    • Time of Day: Same time of the day spread out across the year

They found that the nearest hospital (St. Edith), which is the main hospital for Chateau de Boise, is also where Dr. Raymond Mollar works. Rajit checked the obituaries, but most were not written by ‘Friends of [name]’. Alina gave Rajit a list of the people who died over the last year, which Rajit took to Kinkos to print it out.

While Rajit was off, Alina checked to see what properties Steven owns, which turned out to be two businesses in Eagle and some undeveloped land outside of town. She checked for Reconveyances, but none were on record. It seems that the state is not aware that he’s dead, though there is a death certificate. Alina requested a credit report from for Steven, which is expected to arrive in two days. Rajit waited patiently and Christina amused herself by mentally monitoring the other people in Starbucks.

Wu Xian then took a swing at finding patterns in the death certificates and obituaries. He found that of the 6 very similar, 3 were cremated. Those three obituaries were all submitted by ‘Friends of [Name]’. The rest don’t really seem to actually relate to each other. The ashes destination was different for each one:

  • Steven Baxter: Boise River
  • Ashes to be buried next to his wife
  • Ashes to be released from the top of the mountain next to Boise

For those three, cause of death was cardiac arrest due to pre-existing heart conditions (Steven and one other: enlargement of the heart; the other was complications from lukemia). They did note that 6 heart attacks in a day in Boise is a little high.

The characters piled into the car to head out. Alina created a fake ID for Rajit. They hit a Home Depot, where Christina picked up some dirt and Wu Xian and Rajit picked up Trak phones.

Next they made their way to City Hall. Rajit went in to the County Records office, and requested the executors for the wills of the people who died in the last month. He used his fake ID and gave the Trak phone for the number. Estimated time for the list to be available for pickup will be 2 days.

Next they went to the office buildings owned by Steven. The first stop was E-Z Grow, a lawn care company. Rajit went inside and talked to the owner, telling him that his kid had rode through the lot on his bike and smelled gas. Rajit did a quick look over, and saw that they use Quicken for their financials.

After that they went to the other office building owned by Steven, which housed Idaho Drug Testing Lab LLC. Rajit again went in, and this time he found out that they pay rent directly to Steven Baxter. The lady he talked to also gave Rajit a business card for Steven Baxter, which has his name, phone number, and email (

More to Come (Pick up at 2:41:15)

Player Characters

Missing Heroes - Volume Two

“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.”
-Albert Einstein

Game Date: February 6, 2011

An interesting breakfast of Eggo waffles, thrown tools, and electrocution, the players discussed a few more things with Chance.

  • The workings and makeup of Farstep(who works there and some ideas of what to expect).
  • Steven Baxter’s financial situation (unknown).

After breakfast, the group packed up in the van. Wu Xian has the phone from Chance, and Rajit memorized the addresses of the Chantry and Steven’s hospice.

After an uneventful ten hour drive, they all arrived in Boise.

The players head first to Farstep to check out their temporary home. They meet Tobias and were introduced to KALEB, the house AI. Tobias gave the players a tour of Farstep Chantry, and explained that another section of the chantry was located on Mars, though they would have to wait three days before the next portal would be opening to Mars.

Come dinner, the players were informed that they would be getting House A.I.s created to be their interfaces to the house, although Alina opted for Phillip be her interface. They also gave Tobias a rundown of what they were doing in Boise. There are not many other groups in Boise, though there may be a Hollow One chantry in the area. Jonathan was a guy who disappeared a year ago from his lab downstairs, but they are unsure as to what happened to him. Donald Jackson (a local orphen who they were talking to about possibly joining the SOEs) died when his lab exploded six months ago. There was no indication anyone but he died in the explosion, and the local news chalked it up to a gas main leak. The characters were given a special garage door opener for the downstairs external access road.

  • Bad parts of town include downtown and just west of downtown.
  • Missing Persons and Murders are below the national average.
  • Drugs are fine as long as the police do not get involved.
  • Firearms are allowed in the house, and if necessary, they can be procured for you.

After dinner, the character’s body signatures were added to the house security database, they chose their rooms, were assigned a lab space, and their House A.I.s were set up.

The characters then retired for the night, with plans to meet up the following day at 10:00 AM.

  • Christina went out into the night and procured the pieces needed to begin growing her own supply.
  • Alina hung out in her lab.
  • Rajit played his Xbox.
  • Wu Xian sanctified his room.

Game Date: February 7, 2011
The characters were awakened at the requested times by their alarms, and were introduced to their House A.I.s. When they came downstairs, they found the boxes with their stuff had been delivered. Christina drove out to the store and picked up some materials for her botany “hobby”.

While eating breakfast, the characters were introduced to Lydia, though she had to run off to a meeting. They discussed what information they wanted to gather from the retirement home, and determined that the best way to gather this information was for Christina to present herself as a long-lost relative of Steven Baxter. Meanwhile, Rajit and Alina would poke around online and Wu Xian would take a look around the neighborhood. The characters exchanged phone numbers and decided Wu Xian needed a Trak phone. Alina also created a fake ID for Christina, changing her address in the fake. They then headed out to rent a car.

Player Characters

Missing Heroes - Volume One

“I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”
- Winston Churchill

Game Date: February 5, 2011
At the start of game, all the players had just arrived at the Eugene, OR airport. After retrieving their bags, the players met up with Thabiti, who packed the players into the van and drove the players out to Chase’s house in the nearby mountains. Once there, the players finally met Chance Williams.

Chance talked with the players for a while, explaining that he thinks his friend Steven Baxter, though publicly declared dead, is still alive and missing in Boise, ID.

Chase’s reasons for this conclusion are as follows:

  • Steven had just started Chance’s longevity treatment three weeks prior. The first treatment is designed to strength the body in preperation for the rest of the treatment. Therefore, although Steven had a cardiac condition, it is very unlikely that he would have died.
  • Although Steven is a veteran of WWII, he does not have a plot in Arlington.
  • The Obituary claims that he was cremated, but Chance knows that Steven had specified in his will that he was not to be cremated.

Chance has requested that the players find out what has become of his friend. He would go himself, but a paradox flaw does not allow him to leave his house. Chance has secured lodging for the players at Farstep chantry in Boise. However, to gain the players admitance, first all of the players had to swear an Oath that they would not disclose the location to anyone not already authorized. All of the players took the oath, and were given the address for Farstep Chantry.

The players all then enjoyed a tasty dinner prepared by Chance, got to know each other a little bit, and got some personal views, habits, and history out in the open. They were also treated to a demonstration of Pavlovian training. After all took a jog (except Alina and Chance, who spent the time tinkering), everyone retired to their rooms for the night with the plan of driving to Boise the next day.

Player Characters


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